Vintage Cast Iron Skillets – Characteristics And Identification

Cast iron skillets are admired by the chefs and housewives since centuries, they are loved for its even distribution of heat and its excellent heat retention capability. There is no match when it comes to versatility of best cast iron skillets, they can be used for frying, grilling, sauteing, roasting, stewing, searing and even baking. They can also be used on any cook tops and also in oven. They can sustain tremendous amount of heat which no other cooking cookware can sustain. There are numerous benefits of cast iron skillets and among them is that it increases the iron quantity in the food. When cooking in cast iron skillet, minute amount of iron leach into the food being cooked in them providing dietary iron which benefits to those suffering with anemia.
Erie Skillet

Vintage Cast Iron Skillets

Modern manufactures like Lecrueset and Lodge make cast iron skillets of different size and shape, they also make beautiful design cast iron skillets which are revered by many users. But these skillets lack the characteristics of vintage cast iron skillet. Cast iron skillets from the 18th and 19 centuries were of the finest quality manufactured from the best material and by the highly skillful workers. These skillets were much thinner and lighter than modern days products. Skilled foundry-men use to formed the individual molds, poured the molten metal, and they use to finished each skillets by hand. The fineness of the casting was then further enhanced by the use of a dressing mixture called as “blacking” applied to the molds.
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What you cooking on Thanksgiving?

When we think about Thanksgiving, first thing that comes in our mind is deep fried turkey. Those who know history will know that this tradition of having deep fried turkey meal on Thanksgiving was started in southern America centuries ago. Since then every year people across the United States celebrate thanksgiving and the most popular choice in meal is turkey cooked in turkey fryer. Today I will show you my best favorite turkey recipe.

In this recipe you need to first create the brine. And remember for delicious taste you need to create this brine two days before. Here are the list of ingredients which you need to prepare turkey brine.
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